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It is summer and my bike 45 is done!!

Post Wed Jun 25, 2008 10:28 pm

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Just finnished up my bobber project, and as I have been asking queastions I wanted to share pics of the result.




Happy riding to all.
Oh by the way, anyone knows if someone repops the De-luxe aluminium footboard mats???
Would love to have a pair for my bob.
Thanks to CMS, Superior, Santay and Nation Bilt for having made all these cool parts back then, and Lyle for his casting skills.

Sverre K.

Post Thu Jun 26, 2008 12:46 am

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Really-really-really Nice , Sveger !!!
good choice about the shape ( cut ) of the fenders ;
the type of horn
red kickpédal
position of the rear pad
and the small clear lens "glides" : are they "blinkers" ?( with an orange lamp inside ? )

Please : paint your rear rim in black , just like the front !!!

have million nice rides wit this beauty !

Pa Site Admin

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Yes ! Very nice Bike indeed!! How does she handle with those 16" ? Pa

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Your bike turned out looking fine, Sveger !

I hope you enjoy it.

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Nice !! CAN I RIDE IT!!! :lol: :lol:

please!! :mrgreen:
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Post Thu Jun 26, 2008 11:46 am

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Glad you folks like it.
Compared with my 1939W on original 18x4.50 Firestones (Coker replicas) I dont think the handling is any different. Those Avon tires are stock items much used by sidecar bikes etc.
The bullet lights are just marker lights, first step on key switch is those lights on and ignition, second step is headlamp on and ignition.
Rear rim, oh yeah you bet it will be painted.
The guy I bought the project from had a "chrome fetich" and I have allready blasted and painted many parts like ie the primary cases. I will redo the rear wheel for next season, black as the front wheel.

I need to say that the seat from Kurt is a piece that have really pleased me, that is great workmanship:-)
I first bought a seat from another 45" parts supplier that if to be commented tha language would not meet the criterias of this board (I sold it to a guy that now uses it on his Guzzi).

The custom parts are from well known e-bay sources.
The pin-striping is done by a local guy with limited experience, but I think he did it well.

I bought the pillion pad from a gentleman on e-bay that it showed up had the Texas (or maybe even US?) drag record for 45"`s. He gave me a link for a webpage regarding this but I seem to have lost it as well as this chaps name. If this make any bells ringing I would apprechiate having this link saved as a fav on my computer.

45"`s are fun :-)


Post Thu Jun 26, 2008 12:16 pm

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Nice bike!!

Ive got one of those saddles from 45 Parts Depot and agree they're a quality piece of work.

Aluminium Footboards are now available from 45 Parts Depot.


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That is a real beauty, I love the paint job. Bet you'll have lots of fun scooting around on that little gem this summer!
--- Randall

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Is that a cast finned teardrop carb cover? I am in love with that piece. Anyone know where I can get one?

Post Fri May 20, 2011 12:33 am

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here , in France , there's a Team who cast them :
School-Bar-Atelier .

the ribbed air horn is sold aluminium BARE , with its aluminium backing plate .
you have to complete the job : finishing , polishing and installing the screws which hold the cover to the backing plate .

two different models .

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belle, is there any kind of filtration on the carb cover?
If not, do you worry at all about dirt and stuff getting in?

It's very pretty.

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inside :
there's just Nooooo-Thing .

like in an original air-dryer style ....

by the way :
think that many 41 WL South-African scoots were originally delivered with yhis "hair-dryer" air filter :shock:
all the scoots i have brought-back home from Madagascar has this original part still bolted on the M-41....

think about the sand and dust in these countries ....

was-this kinda "buisness-action" from the factory for selling many pistons and cylinders ????

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nice bike I like what you did.We are working on a similar project

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scaryguy wrote:
Is that a cast finned teardrop carb cover? I am in love with that piece. Anyone know where I can get one?

Try to find one for a side valve. That one is is for an OHV and is upside down on the 45".

Post Mon May 30, 2011 10:17 pm

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Check with Lyle at he will usually do a couple of most anything. He just had shoulder surjery so no castings for a couple of months unless he has one in stock.

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