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Benwa - screw down covers

Post Thu Dec 02, 1999 10:30 am

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Linz V-Twin offeres both upper and lower
wrenches. I need to order a couple of sets
if you want me to order a set for you let me
know.They are reproduction of orignal.
If you get your ajustment correct and locks
good and tight,twice a year should be good
for valve ajustment.No need in fixing what
isnt broke!!


Post Sat Dec 04, 1999 7:49 pm

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Linz...Go to eBaY and typr in harley davidson tools. There is a complete set of original wwII wla tools (icluding the tappet cover/adj nut) that are NOS. The high bid right now is 30.00 US. Also, if you bid post to us so nobody tries to outbid you from the board. I know we have a couple parts pirates lurking the board but maybe you can get a deal... anybody heard from Filthy lately???.

Post Sat Dec 04, 1999 7:54 pm

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VINCE... Whats the address of Web site for pacific. Ph# where I can get this catalogue??? I'm pirated out and need some affordable metal that has been properly bent to mount the headlight upon the ft end of my 46 WL. NOS, old rusted, smashed, burnt, but affordable.

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