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Thanks Benwa - how to check?

Post Tue Nov 23, 1999 12:16 am

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Agree with Ben on the front to back, but would also check the bushings and the neck and wheel bearings to to be on the safe side. springers tend to hop around corners. but it should not be enough to cause handling problems. and rigid rear ends tend to bounce with the air pressure in the rear tire but if that anywhere close to rated tire pressure then alignment of front to rear. if you have one of the manuels it will show a way to check the front to back with a long straightedge.
Pick the front end off the ground and shake the front wheel side to side and back and forth with the forks at one stop or the other or have someone hold the front end in the neutral position. to see if excess play in the wheel bearings and bushings.

Post Wed Nov 24, 1999 8:50 am

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Hi Linz Dotman and Steve came up with good ways to check alinement.Have you checked the
wheel bearings in your wheels? Now would be
a good time to grease them sence you are checking things.Everyone semes to skip them,
me also! It might prevent another problem.


Post Fri Nov 26, 1999 8:43 am

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Hi Linz If you have checked your rear wheel
alinement and its OK.Look at the seat post
above the rear motor mount that is one place
they break also look behind the front mount
and behind the rear cross brace of the trans
Just lean the bike over and look real good.
Good Luck


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