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Carb Control Coil

Post Mon Nov 01, 1999 9:55 pm

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I am working on a 56 Servi-Car with a springer front end. Yesterday I connected the spark and throttle controls and have a few questions. I have a right hand shift so the spark control is on the right side of the handlebars.

On the carb I have a Linkert M18 with the P/N 27267-49 throttle arm on it. When I turn the handle grip completely open I get about 180 degrees movement on the grip and about 1 1/2 inches of cable movement at the carb. This only allows the throttle to open half way. I have the 1954? controls that don't have the big screw in the end. These are repo controls so I don't know how original controls operate.

The spark control will pull the cable but when I try and turn it the other way the distributor does not move back. The control wire seems to wind up inside somewhere. I can move the distributor by hand both ways. Is it possible that the distributor is clamped down too hard.


Post Thu Nov 04, 1999 5:19 pm

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Sometimes the cheaper repop control coils stretch when you are trying to open the throttle. Jerry

Post Thu Nov 18, 1999 3:35 am

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the last cable clamp has to be close to distibutor,to stop outter cable movement

Post Mon Nov 22, 1999 12:04 am

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Also, do you have the right cable? It should be solid core rather than braided.



Post Mon Nov 22, 1999 3:48 am
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A good hardware store will stock piano wire in the correct size, if your in a pinch, bring along the casing to fit wire, not too tight not too sloppy.

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