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Hey Filthy & Dotman - electronics?

Post Wed Nov 17, 1999 6:34 am

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Hey Girl how ya been ? I run a HI-4 crane on my shovel and dyna on my flh and am attempting to convert the knuckle to the crane. personally i like the single fire due to its operation but ya lose that lopey idle that is part of the dual fire. course that only matters if your into making noise. but i think its worth the monet$. I think youll be happy if ya make the change, even if ya have to spend the grocery change to do it

Post Sun Nov 21, 1999 11:56 pm

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Hi Lintz!

We don't hear enought from ya!

That Aussie ignition sounds great. I am thinking of a Dyna S mounted up side down in my old distributer.



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