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U thru ULH cases

Post Sun Nov 14, 1999 4:54 pm
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On most case sets, U & UL, that I've seen the rear cylinder webbing has been removed, either machine cut or snapped out, granted this allows more oiling to the hotter rear, but isn't this a trade off for case strength?
in building a stroker wouldn't one want the rear web in place? I notice that a '38 UH case set has both front and rear webs intact.
is this true with all UH & ULH cases?

also, just what is this talk about these cases being weak, Is this a thickness or poreosity of the alloy problem?
a few builders will coat the inside of these cases with a glyptal or rustoleum primer.
now this accomplishes three things; keeps embedded debris on the casting, keeps oil from oozing thru any pores, and the oil slides off easier a little free horsepower.

Post Mon Nov 15, 1999 12:30 am

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Don the U cases have weak castings on todays
standards,the web on the left case stops
way before the bottom of the cylinder.On
knucks the web on the left case was just like
the U motors from 36 to 39 then harley redid
the knuck cases and made the web larger and
ran it to the base of the cylinder,the reason
they were weak on the left case,the U cases
did not get made stronger.I have 2 or 3 left
cases that have broke threw the center of
the case bore,the left case is weak.I also
have some right cases that have broke at the
cam holes,I have tryed to weld them with no
luck,when they start to cool they crack in a
different spot,the casting is real thin in that area.MY only anser is IF you want a Hot-
Rod be willing to pay the point.
On building a stroker motor you need to take
the baffels out.You need the room for the piston skirt.I have 2 stroker U motors one is
4 3/4 the other is 5 1/4 the baffels are out
of both.Hope this helps you.


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