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dumping oil

Post Mon Oct 25, 1999 12:04 pm

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Help, I bought a 46 WL and got it to run but after running a few minutes and being turned off wheb you kick it it makes a slurping sound and a few hours later all the oil has deained into the cases and then out on the floor (tray after first time) I have put in new check valve and spring, replaced oil pump, out of ideas. thanks, Butch

Post Mon Oct 25, 1999 3:40 pm
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are there gears in the scavanger pump?
stock oil setup?

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Post Mon Oct 25, 1999 5:20 pm

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check and see if you sheared the key on the scavange pump gears, also did you lap the check ball in place and check and see if the seat might have a spot where the ball doesnt seat. make sure u dont steatch the spring longer to compensate cause this doesnt work well. if ya did get a new spring and make sure you use the setup from the manuel on setting pressure

Post Tue Oct 26, 1999 11:07 pm

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Butch, If you need any parts to try out give me a holler. I have the engine out again. If you want to try another scavenger pump.

Post Sun Oct 31, 1999 3:58 pm
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brokenspoke, or hotrod,
hows the leaking problem coming along?

Post Fri Nov 05, 1999 1:21 pm

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Take the camcover off and check the Flutter-
valve. It´s the most common problem on the
U and W engines.


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