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1930's Harley riding boots

Post Thu Oct 28, 1999 9:41 am

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Does anyone know how to tell Harley riding boots from horse back riding boots that were made in the 1930's? Thanks

Post Sun Oct 31, 1999 2:09 am

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Actually, they were pretty much the same thing. I don't THINK there was a special boot made until engineers boots became popular. Another favorite boot, and none has ever been better, was lineman's boots. These were still used for flat track racing well into the 60s.



Post Sun Oct 31, 1999 6:12 am

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Thanks Filthy. Got Dads old boots,photos of his 45 new in '37,and I'm getting real close to one of my own. I'll keep you all posted! I really enjoy this web site!!!

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