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Post Thu Sep 30, 1999 2:26 pm

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Filthy et al.
To register, click "register" ;-)


Post Mon Oct 04, 1999 8:49 pm

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Now that I'm getting used to it, I kinda like it. The biggest down side I see is that we sorta lose the Knuck & Injun guys; or they sorta lose us. Gotta jump around.


Post Wed Oct 06, 1999 8:03 pm

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Re: Downsides....

Yes, there are pros and cons about almost everything in lift. Personally I really like this "guestbook-thread-style" of discussions. I do admit that it would have been a nice feature to view disussions in a threaded way like before. Or even better: you could define this in your personal preferences. Maybe in the next version........

A small thing might be to bookmark the page Click Here To View Today's Active Topics (all public forums). This might be an easy way to view active discussions.

Just my 0.02$ Image

Post Sun Oct 10, 1999 5:49 am

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whoa were have i been , was shocked to see the new board but it was good they kept the old stuff, but i think the new board will work just had to leave a message just to see how its done. keep riding a high of 95 today FROG

Post Fri Oct 22, 1999 5:21 pm

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Actually this fromat works purtty slick once ya figgure out all its little foibles

Post Sun Oct 24, 1999 3:35 am

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I agree with ya DM, but it's hard to keep up with the filth and his latest idea's with this board.

Post Mon Oct 25, 1999 2:50 am

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Filthy ain't had a deecnt idear since de las tim he fell off'n de truck on his ugly hed.


Post Thu Oct 28, 1999 9:50 am

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I partly agree. One way to acheive this is to click on the "seach" button up tp the rigt. Write "filthy" in the field "Search by User Name" and click on the button "Perfor Search". It's not as convenient as earlier, however....


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