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Hey Lintz???

Post Wed Oct 20, 1999 12:59 pm

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Whut be's the word on the '46? Are ya ready to blow 'em away at thew shows yet? We need an update, here.

Come on and tell us something, if it's only a lie!



Post Wed Oct 20, 1999 8:35 pm

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hey Phil...booger here gonna make it next weekend ? and are we gonna need boats or what ? later man

Post Mon Oct 25, 1999 2:44 am

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G'day Lintz!

Great to hear from ya!

It does indeed sound like you're a little rich. Sweeten up the main a tad. Also sounds like the ig might be a tad advanced, especally if it's hard starting. And air leaks around the pipes, which are common enough.

Pork's fuel milage ain't nothing to brag about either.

Me, I've seen beter days. Can't ride much and few $. Am selling everything but the Flat. Ain't bitchin'. Just start oven again next year.

The animals that are eating me out of house and home are 2 Rattlesnakes and a Cottenmouth Moccasin. Yeah, I know. Crazy.

Some day I gots to get to Oz, if only to collect that beer ya owe me.

All the best,


Post Wed Oct 27, 1999 1:21 am

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I meant LEAN!! Dunno whaddahell happened. Sorry.

I'm gonna be ok. Don't send beer. Plan to someday get to Oz and share it with ya.

Hang in,


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