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Nigerian Internet Scammers

Post Thu Nov 25, 2004 6:20 am

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The following Dirtbags are Internet Scammers located in Europe and Africa! Don't answer any of their E-mails- they're a waste of time.

As the "Amazing Karnak" [Johnny Carson] used to say- "May the fleas of 1000 camels infest their eyelids!"

Post Thu Nov 25, 2004 7:27 am

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I thought it was armpits, not eyelids..

Post Thu Nov 25, 2004 7:56 am

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Could be -it was years ago!

Post Thu Nov 25, 2004 2:28 pm
Pa Site Admin

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Be careful who you spam fellows !! Many of these spam emails are generated by personal computers which are already infected with viruses. Without the knowlege of the individual desktop pc owner, their computer emails automatically to any email within the data base of the users hard drive many of these spam letters that are received. Forwarded email addresses, and the ones where a person clicks on the send to everyone option, are usually the food for the email data bases within a persons hard drive. Most viruses are also sent by unsuspecting personal desktop pc owners. They don't know that their pc is doing this !! The original spam artist starts the initial spam email but programs them to take control of the computers that they are excepted into. Again, most folks don't realize this is occurring. I have written many individuals and told them that thier pc had sent me a virus as an attachment or an email spam. Most of them have written me back and thanked me for bringing this to their attention. Some of these emails came from large legitimate corporations. After a while you can discern between what is a deliberate spam or virus attempt but until then, just delete them. Don't block or spam report them ! You may end up blocking or spamming a very important email address you had been expecting. Pa

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Post Fri Nov 26, 2004 5:03 am

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Those jerks and others like them, with Nigerian oil well scams, have been out there for years. Who knows exactly where they are located . . . . ---no one.

Post Fri Nov 26, 2004 5:40 am

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just out of curiousity i trace their ip addr's and they are from all over the world some in the us on the east coast alot from italy some in the uk i cant say i have traced even 1 to nigeria

Post Fri Nov 26, 2004 7:35 pm

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"Nigerian internet scam" is a generic term for the overpay/refund hustle thats been out in cyberspace for a while. It takes less effort fotr criminals than the credit card/identity theft scam that was started by English speaking Africans over 10 years ago. In an episode of "Bountyhunters" they stumbled upon one gangs' credit card duplication operation that took up place in a apartment bedroom. The criminals had hundreds of blank credit cards and a computorized machine to emboss them.

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