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Post Fri Oct 01, 1999 3:30 pm

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Hi guys I'm back. setup took my feeble brain a while to figure out but looks preety good.
The big move is finally over and we are out of the rain forest and closer to the salt. So i guess its time to get back to work on the vet and see if we can get the thing finis'd in time to at least do some shake down runs this month, if not i'm going anyhoo. Filthy glad you and your's are ok.

Post Fri Oct 01, 1999 11:14 pm

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Yeah, we's cool.

This is all a little complicated, but in the end it's gonna work real well.

Planing a very ambitious trip on the Pork tomorrow - a couple hundred miles of oiling the roads over toward the mountains. Feel pretty good and I gots to go.

Looking forward to the next update on the vet.



Post Thu Oct 14, 1999 11:24 am

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I don'tsgot nothin'. jus' hates seein Dotman off'n de board.


Post Thu Oct 14, 1999 3:09 pm

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Hi Trap and filthy and all: Been bizzier then a one legged man in a butt kicking contest and still havent finished unpacking fricking boxes of crap. no rest for d wicked i guess.
i'm still trying to get organized enough to find all my tools and parts. at least i dont have stuff strung across 2 states and 400 miles of desert now.
Ill check in from time to time until i get my stuff together enough to take a breath
hang in

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