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WL exaust, *&^($%#(

Post Sat Oct 02, 1999 7:13 am

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I can't seem to get this damned exaust together! I'm usuing NOS pices and don't want to hit them with a hammer. Ideas??? No matter how I bend and twist I can't get the back pipe to line up without getting stuck on the side of the kick pedal. And no, filthy I ain't gonna run drag pipes (LOL)

Post Sat Oct 02, 1999 3:05 pm

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Not sure I understand how it is hitting.

Is the kick start bent, maybe? Or the tranny out of line (reaching for it).


Post Sat Oct 02, 1999 3:14 pm

are you sure you have the right pedal? there are several that interchange, different offset or length, etc.

Post Sun Oct 03, 1999 4:06 am

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Hey Hotrod,
This is a new experiance in cyber confussion,but I agree with Filthy that it can be delt with if we stay the course.

Now as I understand your posted question is about the kicker pedal getting stuck on the rear exhaust pipe, are you using the offset kicker Arm that is ment for 45 WL's. I took a look at my 45 and the only place it could hit is at the Muffler if you are using the stright arm kiker.

Kick-Start has it listed on page 109
of their current catolog for $34.00 in black.

Tom (99)

Post Mon Oct 04, 1999 3:09 am

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What I'm having a problem with is getting the rear exaust pipe to fit into the front pipe . After I get the front pipe in the cyl the rear pipe will not begin to fit into the cyl or ft pipe. I was wondering if there was a trick to it.

Post Mon Oct 04, 1999 1:02 pm

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Hi Hotrod,

If this plumbing is really NOS, and if it's really for a W, it ought to go right on. The only thing I can come up with is check the frame and how the engine sits in it. Possibly if you shim the mounts one way or the other, the pipes will go.



Post Thu Oct 07, 1999 5:51 am

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Hi Hotrod
I had no trouble with the EX. on mine using
repo. Ex system. sounds like one of the pipes
is to long? Do you have old ones to compair

Post Sat Oct 09, 1999 5:12 am

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Hey Benwa
I never had an exaust system until I bought this one. I havn't been back down to work on it anymore. I guess I'll apply a small amount of big hammer until it fits!

Post Fri Oct 22, 1999 9:15 pm

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Had the same problem with my exhaust on my 56 Servi-Car. The rear would not fit into the front pipe easily. I finally applied grease to both pipes where they go into the cylinder and removed the chrome & greased (was coming off anyway)from the rear pipe where it goes into the front pipe. This let me turn the pipes until I got them to line up. The muffler was about 2 inches too short when hooked up to the rear bracket. Had to adapt car 1 1/2" dia pipe adapter to make it work.

Not the first Repo item that was not close to being correct fit. Use to get me upset but now I look at it as just part of the adventure of rebuilding.

Post Sun Oct 24, 1999 3:32 am

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Ya, I've started to accept that nothing fits. I have used very little repop and I have had problems with nos! Thanks for the reply. I still havn't been down to work on it I'll get started again next weekend.

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