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Post Tue Oct 19, 1999 8:50 pm

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It certainly helps your feelings of superiority as well as removing any excess casting crap that may have some reason to flake off in the future for god knows what reason and go through the return pump and thus end up being recycled threw the pressure side when you least expect it.

and it builds character

Post Wed Oct 20, 1999 12:14 am

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I dont remember who it was : but on the old board someone posted a message about hp gain from polishing the insides of the case's due to the decrease in friction from the oil being flung around and I figgurd why not clean up the cam cavity as well. Now I admit i did not polish it like the insides of the cases but i did cut all the flash out and smoothed all the areas where oil would tend to hold crud in place until it hardened which you can spot if you havent bead blasted them out which you should only do with walnut shells or maybe that was corn husks.( or maybe the corn was for remedial care afterwards, Forgive me I suffer from CRS at times) Filthy is the one that got me going in that direction. But youll be happy when it is done
and it gives ya somethin to talk about when bench racin and you get free hp as well which is allways the best kind

Post Wed Oct 20, 1999 12:33 pm

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Hi Eric,

Polish it. Anything that assists oli flow will improve your enging. After all, there are moving parts in there and oil drag is oil drag. You might not notice the difference, but it'll be there.

"Pay close ttention to the little shit and the big shit will take care of it's self".


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