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mikuni main jet

Post Thu Oct 07, 1999 5:16 am

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I would sugest that you check for in take leaks Get the motor up to operation temp them set your ldle down to where she will just barley stay running take a can of carb cleaner and spray around your manifold if leak is bag motor will stall if only slight you will get a real rank smell out of exuast.

Post Thu Oct 07, 1999 11:48 am

What are the other jets?

Post Sun Oct 10, 1999 11:32 pm

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'Nother trick: Do the same as previously stated, but spray it with either ether or The Miracle Juice - WD-40. If there is a leak, the mill will rev.

If this is not the problem, raise the needle.

And if that fails, get a smaller needle before going to another jet..

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Post Mon Oct 11, 1999 3:02 am

Again - what pilot jet, slide cutaway, needle jet, needle, needle notch? All of these affect mixture, not just the main.

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