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Wiring 6v to 12v

Post Sat Oct 02, 1999 2:53 am

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I am converting my WL 6V 3 pole gen. with relay to a 12V 2 pole with regulator. The bike was a basket case when I bought it, I might add that I found out the
basket had a big hole in it where most of the parts fell out! I am in the process of rewiring the bike. I need a source for a wiring diagram. If I wire the bike
according to the diagram I got with the wiring harness from 45 restoration the system shorts out if I connect the wire from the Field terminal on the gen. to the
switch post 2. The gen. has 2 posts one marked "F" and one marked "A" I assume for field and armature. For those of you who have this diagram it is the green
wire in cable B. I was wondering if this wire is no longer needed if I am now using a voltage reg. in place of the relay. It is an Accel reg. with terminals marked B,
D+, DF, 6 Any help would be appreciated.


Post Sat Oct 02, 1999 4:28 pm

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Let's start from scratch: First, you do not want to come off of the switch, unless it is most convenient to get to a hot lead from the battery there. One wire (red is nice)should connect direct from battery to the B tab on your bosch-copy regulator; Connect the generator (F)ield terminal to DF (green) and the (A)rmature terminal to D+. You might use the leftovers from the harness, depending upon where you mount the regulator.
Disconnect your battery ground BEFORE you do this, and remember to polarize when done. Note also that the regulator must be well grounded. Beware that your Accel mechanical regulator will probably make a 12n-5.5a-3b battery drink a lot of water.

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