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star hubs

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Post Wed Nov 13, 2002 3:41 am

star hubs

Thanks for the welcome. My first question is, is it recomended to rebuild star hubs as stock, or is it a better fix to upgrade to timken brgs., and is it a simple project to upgrade to timken brgs. These hubs are for a 42 W.L.C. that I plan on putting on lots of trouble free miles.


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Post Wed Nov 13, 2002 3:50 am

rebuild as stock, grease every 1,000 miles, they will last a long,long time.


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Post Wed Nov 13, 2002 4:56 am

Also watch when you grease them. Over greasing can push grease into the brake drum area. Turning what little braking power you have into Zilch.



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Post Thu Nov 14, 2002 11:36 pm

I fully agree on the above. I did the conversion of a star-hub, from original to SKF brg. And as I now can see I actually weakened the hub. And the springer brake is'nt that bad. I had them fitted with some soft brake lining, and It did a lot to mine. You can't compare them to discs, but when you get used to them, they are just fine. Also important I think, is to use a proper brake cable, not the tiny thing they sell as repro from V-twin or others. I actually use to modify a clutch cable or a cable for hydra drums.

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