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servi car 45 HELP

Post Mon Sep 30, 2002 12:34 am

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That was a weird sentence. Or was it a sentence?

Post Mon Sep 30, 2002 2:05 am

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I use aviation fuel in my 67 servi, 105 octane with low lead content, $2.75 a gallon is the drawback, but my baby is worth it. Harleeta runs smoother, quieter, cooler, and happier, but still pops thru her Delorto when cold. My idle screw is well used, run it in when cold, run it out the warmer she gets. Once totally warmed up she holds an idle tho. Check prior listings for proper timing technique for auto advance distributor, and also for possible manifold and or carb leaks- possible cause of ruff idle. 45s 4 evr

Post Mon Sep 30, 2002 4:58 am

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In the apparent absence of the Manifold Meister, may I suggest AIR LEAK! If you do not check your manifold in the method outlined on this board daily, you will be duly chastised...jb

Post Mon Sep 30, 2002 2:24 pm

Points break when timing mark centered in the hole (30 degrees). Advance mechanism must be held to full advance.

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