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Just checkin 'in

Post Sat Jan 29, 2000 3:30 am

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Location: oxford, NC USA
Hi Y'all,

Well, the Pork ( reagon's best Ratbike) is currently buried under a snow drift. I'm waiting for a warm day when I can ride a little. Cold weather is now out of the question. Sure am looking forward to spring, even though a long ride is doubtful.

I am planing to ride again in Rolling Thunder this May. I would love to see some if not all of you there. I'll pull the bike up on a trailer, and don't I hate that!

Y'all hang in,


Post Sat Jan 29, 2000 6:51 am

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Location: Kansas City, Mo USofA
Keep the faith Phil, were all stuck by the cold white shit! I was down for 2 days, couldn't get out of bed and not feeling a whole lot better now. Not getting nothing done on the flattie.

Post Sun Jan 30, 2000 3:49 am

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Location: meridian, id. usa
WoW sounds like your deep in it from the weather guys. Its a balmy 40+ and sunnshine here in spudsville. Take care and like ma always said dont forget your rubbers

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