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Flathead everyday suitable ?

Post Mon Jan 31, 2000 9:32 pm

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As an Softail rider I´m maybe intersted in buying a Flathead and I would like to know if Flatheads are suitable for everyday using, special in wet weather and how often would I have to service it? Because I´m not an experienced mechanic I´m not sure if it would be a good deal.

Post Tue Feb 01, 2000 1:01 am

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The flathead was the powerplant of choice for the US Army in WWII primarily beacause you could ride the shit out of it with little or no maintenance. With the advances in tolerances and development of lubricants in the last 50 plus years they otta last forever! The average garage mechanic in that period had a 4 yr education. The manuals were written in ways that a simple mind could comprehend and maintain. I would recommend that if you want to ride a real classey machine you look into some of the parts suppliers for a copy of the old Army tech manuals and you'll be able to do your own maint and repairs without a wealth of knowlege. Theres always this board, and the tech board on Victory Librarys page.

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