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Rim straightening

Post Tue Jan 25, 2000 5:31 pm

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Not all of you read the Victory 45 board, so I'll ask here too...Anybody know where to take some rims that are dented (not too bad) to get them ironed out? I've heard there are places that do this, but I haven't been able to find them. I need to fix my 49WL front rim, and Brian has some VL and RL rims he wants to straighten out before painting them.
Thanks -

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Post Wed Jan 26, 2000 6:06 pm

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Found my own answer - I called Woody's Wheel Works in Denver...they straighten rims! Not cheap - rough estimate is about $85 each. I suppose if you can't get a replacement, then it's worth it.
They said their "wheel guy" is named Greg, and he's on vacation until next Tuesday (2/1). They are open M-F 9AM to 6PM Mountain Std. Time. They said that Greg could look at them and tell us if they're repairable and how much it will cost. For you unfortunate suckers that don't live in Colorado, you can ship stuff to them for repair too.

Woody's Wheel Works
2225 S. Platte River Dr. W.
Denver, Colorado 80223
Phone: (303) 936-0232
Fax: (303) 922-7943

Post Thu Jan 27, 2000 9:22 pm

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You're right - he's probably capable of making them, but the problem is I'll bet he's not interested in doing the "inferior brand"!
I haven't seen anyone who reproduces the 45 Solo 16" front rim ('46 or '47?? until '52).
They're hard to pick out at a swap meet because the difference between those and a regular star hub rim is tough to distinguish (spoke holes are closer to the edges of the indentations on one side).
Thanks, though...and I'll let the comment about the "better bike" slide 'cuz I really like 101 Scouts!

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