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Wiring 46 WL

Post Sat Jan 15, 2000 4:08 pm

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Well, I almost have the scooter done and I get this package from Bills. Anyone ever wired these handlebars? I LOVE the harness I got. It is the original cloth wire with all the original shielding. I have the orig harness and this one is identical. I am also needing a horn button and headlight switch if anyone has any to sell. This wiring is harder than the whole rest of the bike!

Post Sat Jan 15, 2000 6:47 pm

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The switches are available from most distributors; Kick-Start's are good ones. You sometimes have to file a notch on the contact in the hi-lo (flipper switches if you wish to have an "off" position, or use them for (tee hee) turn-signals. Soldering in the new wires requires slight sanding of both wires and switches for rosin flux to work. Acid is not recommended for corrosion reasons, but it works great, so I then douse everything with contact cleaner to remove the residual acid.
I insert a mild steel wire into the exit hole for the handlebar's wiring, and feed it up to the empty grip. I catch it with hemostats and pull enough through the switch hole to solder temporarily to the bundled ends of the switch wires. This then allows me to pull the wiring back down through the bar. The throttle or control wire can then be threaded through from whichever end makes it easiest to fish it out at the other. I then snake the control coil over it ( from the grip end of course)to follow it through the bar squeezing past the wiring.
And count your switch holes: A lot of police bars need two horn buttons (unless you have the speedo shut-off!)...Cotten

Post Sat Jan 15, 2000 8:01 pm

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Cotten, On the L/S I have 2 holes. One on top and one right under it. On the R/S bar I have a single screw thats flush with the bars. It does not have a hole in the bars(wiring access hole) or a second screw hole? I have a pic of this in 1950 with spotlights on it. Maybe where the switch mounted? Also, hot do I get the control cable housings out of the bars? Looks in the book like theres a setscrew that holds them in?


Post Sat Jan 15, 2000 8:04 pm

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Just found the hemostats. . .whats this brown stickey stu...oh ya, I had forgot about them years! (LMAO)

Post Sat Jan 15, 2000 9:32 pm

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"Oh, that's just permatex, Officer"
The single screw hole on the right-side is the set screw for retaining the control coil ferrule (that puck-shaped thing soldered on the end). On the left side you will find the two wire holes, each with two holes for the switch screws. Inboard from one of them you will see a third hole identical to the right-side retainer screw for holding the advance coil in place.
Apparently you are lucky to only need one button and one flipper switch. If you need an accessory switch for spotlights, scanner, VCR, etc., then little cad plated screw clamps were used with external wires, and a switch housing witha hole in it. These are also available.

Post Mon Jan 17, 2000 10:38 am

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Hotrod I was close to your place New Years
day no my way home.I think I might have the
switches you need.Ill look tomorrow and let
you know.

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