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1940 WLDR Special

Post Mon Oct 17, 2011 8:39 pm

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I bought 1940 WLDR several months ago and I think it may be a WLDR Special.It has tilted valve cylinders and mid-year 1939 casting dates on the cylinders and pretty low vin number.Would a 1940 WLDR Special have ball bearing lower end like a cheater motor or just tilted valves with bushing lower end ?Did 39-40 WLDR ball-bearing (cheater motors) have tilted vavles also.Would a 1940 WLDR Special have the same valve size as a later WR?Any info would be great.Thanks Tom

Post Mon Oct 17, 2011 9:57 pm

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The original 1940 Special motor that you reference had a top end similar to the '41 WR. The difference is that the special angled lifter bases are set up for roller lifters with the rollers ground at the proper angles to mate up with standard WLDR cams. The bottom end was produced in both roller bearing/bushing configeration and in all ball bearing configeration. Dale at WTT has several of the all ball bearing versions. I don't know of any literature that references the all ball bearing version, but I know they exist. I have seen the literature that describes the 1940 WLDR with Valves Close To The Bore and the unusual lifters and bases. The literature also shows that the 1939 WLDR used a "Baby Bosch" racing magneto and the 1940 WLDR used an Edison Splitdorf magneto.

Post Wed Oct 19, 2011 9:29 am

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The '40 WLDRs are interesting as there are so many variations. Straight valve versions and angled valve versions. Bushing engines and ball bearing engines, etc. There was a kit available to turn a standard WLDR into an angled valve version. There was also a right side case and cam cover to update the earlier engines to '40 WLDR Special specs. Lots of really interesting and one or two year only stuff leading up to the WR production.
Any pics of your engine jocoknuck?

Post Wed Oct 19, 2011 3:23 pm

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I am having trouble loading pictures this forum.I did poat some picture in the "Classic American Iron" forum under the Competition Motorcyles subject.The thread is 40 WLDR Project.Any info or source of more info is greatly appreciated.Also I need a magneto drive gear for a Edison mag,1938-40 WL frame and thin outer primary.I have a 1937 frame for tradeThanks Tom

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