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Post Mon Jan 10, 2000 7:30 pm

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Sorry chaps I am new to the ways of the flat head but I was inspired by the retro-chop in January's Easyrider centre-fold (not to mention the babe). I have stated work on my own scratch build project which I am basing on the WL45 motor, yet to be sourced. Can anyone give me advise on what I need to connect the 45 to a late model kick start transmission. I want to retain the chain primary if poss.

Post Tue Jan 11, 2000 3:02 am

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Good trick, if you can do it! You are either going to scratch build one very unique frame in order to use that tranny, or decide your really wanted a UL anyway....Cotten

Post Tue Jan 11, 2000 8:05 pm

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Thanks for the reply, I have picked the WL45 as my first project. I had to find a unit that was available in the UK (the WL is - just !).
I wanted to build a Flat Head retro Chop and it looked like the WL would do the trick. Without knowing better It looked like the primary drive was similar to the big twins so I was hoping to be able to carry-over a later drive-line without too much hassle but I can billet machine the primary covers if absolutely necessary. The hard tail frame is designed to take the later drum brake back wheel with left hand side sprocket. If any one has done this before please let me know.

Post Thu Jan 13, 2000 6:43 am

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Phil sounds like you want to reinvent the wheel the wl 45 is a nice bike and if it mostly there why not put it together and ride it and have fun them if you must have a hot rod there is a lot you can do to the wl like make a maggie out of it and put a BSA M20 4 speed tranny any way have fun I ride an old rat 45 bobber and its a blast

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