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looking for owners and all pictures of pre-1930 45 solo

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I am seriously leaning toward a pre-1930 solo for my next build.I am interested in any flat track style bikes any forum members own be it project or runner.I was also be very interested in any pictures that I could view online as well.I have been looking at a picture I have of the Speer Special.It is a 45 racer based on a 1929 frame and engine.It has a 1935 RL front end,mid 1930's transmission,cylinders converted to larger nipples and a JD manifold.I feel like this is the vintage,model and style bike that would hold my interest for a long term project.I have an 11 year old son that desperately wants his own Harley some day as he's spent his life around them.I realize an earlier bike typically cost more to build then one a decade newer.I will have my sons build done for his 18th birthday as I had my first a 1964 ironhead at that age.
In short I have 7 years to casually build his Harley to give him on his 18th birthday whatever the build may be based on.I have only built 1/2 dozen bikes for myself and am aware of prices so avoid being gouged but as past builds would show I have no problem investing what it takes to get what I want.I'm not bragging nor bitching but just the investment in my current projects engine and trans alone would show most I take my bikes a bit more serious then perhaps I should.
I would ask for fellow members with first hand knowledge of the 1929 45 to share what they can with me.I as mentioned would also be appreciative of all pictures any members might have and will share.I'm hoping to pick up a frame by the time snow flies for his build if possible.Thanks......

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