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Timing Marks S&S Flywheel

Post Sun Jul 10, 2011 6:38 am

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Good morning

I have a 45 with a pair of S&S FLyWheeel, and want to make absolutely sure timing is set correctly.
Here is what I think is the way to properly set timing and woudl appreciatre if someone coudl confirm this is the right way to do it:

-S&S FlyWheel, timing inspection hole
Front Piston on end of compression stroke (Right after inlet valve closes)
Timing inspection hole plug removed
Mark on FlyWheel 'F' (Fire) , showing in the middle of inspection hole

-Control lever set to full advance

-Circuit breaker
Contact point gap just starting to open

Is this all correct, especially concerning timing Mark 'F' on FlyWheel? Note there are two other marks on S&S FlyWheel (TI F) that are a little more on the right of the flywheel.

Thank you.

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