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bought new obsolete part at Harley Dealership today

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To be fair the dealership has been in business nearly 40 years and founded by Baldy Letner who's name some may recognize as being most often credited as the first to machine a set of stroker flywheels.He and Mr. Dytch who founded what today is know as Axtell Sales joined to build and campaign a fuel sportster drag bike with Mr. Dytch's big bore cylinders and a stroker flywheel assembly machined by Baldy as well as stroker pistons he cast in holes made in his garage floor serving as molds.Then he machined the raw castings to the requirements of piston he needed.
So with that history,the fact they're the closest dealership to me, I chose it decades ago as the dealership I'd use when I had to use a dealership.I decided to call them today to see if that had a part that I found over the last several years every dealership I checked which has been more then a few showed the parts obsolete and some even commented from evidently the computer showing they had been obsolete for years.
So I called Baldy's dealership today asked for the part and to no surprise was told it was obsolete.I shared with the sales lady that I had known Baldy although I was young at the time and that I only used his dealership out of respect for him,which is actually true.She was silent a few seconds then offered to walk back and look in the inventory where this part would be located if it was a current stock item.She came back to the phone and said she found exactly the part I was looking for new in unopened Harley box.The part I've been referring to is the offset idler shaft and Idler gear with bearings in I.D. that fits the offset shaft and is the method I last remember if I'm correct the WR used to to drive horizontal mount fairbanks morse magnetos in place of generator.
The parts with shipping,handling and taxes cost me just over $90.00 which I feel like was a gift considering I had been looking at reproduction gears that cost $80.00+ alone.I personally have met,visited,and shared much with John Penner who reproduces gears used to drive the horizontal mount fairbanks morse magneto and found him not only to be top quality but his gears also.So no slight intended for anyone manufacturing quality reproduction Harley parts.

So now it's someone turn to piss on my parade and tell me I could've bought these parts at their local dealership for $50.00 or anything along that line one might feel like sharing.

I'm too stoked for anything even if it has a negative vibe to make me any less pleased then I am now........

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I just think that's a good story, is all. Worth passing on.
Shoot, a man could have a good weekend in Dallas with all that stuff...

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Sometimes ya get lucky

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