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pictures of the first Linkerts I've rebuilt

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Here is a couple M53's I've just finished up tonight.I had enough o.e.m. parts that'll you'll notice a couple needles and a few plugs were basically what I bought aftermarket.One of them has the bomsight venturi and the other has an 1 5/16" venturi.I plan on finding another bombsight at some point for no other reason then I like them.The carbs don''t have choke shafts installed yet because I'm going to make a couple of the 1 piece M53A1 style shafts for them.I have a loaner n.o.s. linkert shaft coming from New York I'll use for a pattern. I prefer the look of the 1 piece shaft even though it's not correct.I could have as easily made the correct style but I'm not looking to win any authenticity points from anywhere.The n.o.s. 8 degree throttle plates cost me dearly but were on my have to have list.I milled the intake and breather flanges flat and they are painted with the correct HD paint.I'm thinking about running them both either on a dual runner intake in stock location or 1 per cylinder on the pinion side of the engine.The engine is a 57" WL with KHK cams,cylinders,heads,manifold,etc.



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They look a lot better than my first rebuilds.

PS: Photobucket pop-ups eventually got through my blocker and nearly signed me up for the latest video game movie or something. Isn't it easier to just attach pics direct?

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Cotten you have no idea what that means coming from you.It took me a long time reading a lot of your posts to be honest as well as Panics Linkert book,Palmer's,etc. Thank you so much for commenting in such a positive manner.I have a slight Linkert obsession now though, I constantly look on Ebay and various swap boards to see if anything is going cheap.I have the M53A1 and a M74B to go through when finances permit.I just sold a M25S that I picked up local when I was at an friends brothers shop getting a float bowl for one of the M53's.I'd like to find a cheap M51L sometime just because I'd like to do a 3 bolt carb and I've read they are the most desirable HD 3 bolt linkert and also the most common.I of course have nothing to base this information on so I don't know if it is factual,anyway thank you again...........

I'm sorry photobucket gave you a hard time I will post direct through the board when I do post any pictures in the future.

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