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star hubs

Post Mon Jan 03, 2000 3:09 am

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Good question! Ive got a couple hard to find stepped hubs with rough brg races. Ive heard the timken conversion aint the best way to go either. Does anybody sleeve them or weld em up & regrind new races?

K Rugh

Post Mon Jan 03, 2000 4:05 pm

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I have updated three ways; Timken conversion(too much work); cutting the spindle for a sealed bearing (clumbsy and too much work); and finally boring and re-racing to original specs (still a lot of work) and all of these methods require an unlaced hub to begin with. If you have a lathe AND a Sunnen hone with the right size mandrel, and a LOT of spare time, then I'll get my specs for the particular rod race I used, etc. for anyone interested. But, unless you need to restore a pre-war stepped hub, it is easier to find a common one at swaps for ~$50. Just beware that assembled ones usually hide bad races, and chromed ones are ALWAYS ruined. Note also that except in extreme cases, it is only the star-side bearing surface that has spalled or been honed out. If chrome is your goal, then it may be possible to have the hub masked and plated so heavily as to regain this surface, but 'hard' chroming is even more expensive than "bright", and it will still need honefitting. All of this makes aftermarket replacements seem attractive, however I have never inspected one.....Cotten

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