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Torque Plates II

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Taking Cotten's comments as definitive as to base plates, how about the distortion to the top of the bore caused by the weird head-bolt pattern of all side-valve motors (45, UL, Chief, etc.)?? There must be distortion of the deck surface locally due to head-bolt torque. We're going to work on this without the expense of a full torque plate (one that would simulate a complete head casting, same bolt perch depth, with access hole for boring bar). The thought is: distortion of the casting can be simulated by installing the correct bolt, washer, etc. and a spacer the same thickness as the head casting at that point. It won't have the advantage of simulating the stiffening of the casting caused by attachment of the head or full torque plate, but should still "bulge" the bore locally where the distortion would affect ring seating. Obviously, only the 4 (45) or 5 (UL) bolts near the bore itself are affected. Comments? Thanks!

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One of the advantages of Ricardo cylinders over OHV's is the massive support at the top.
I have a top plate for K's (cut from a junked head) and found the distortion to only be a slight pull outward at the bolts on the left. I had very slight distortion of the valve seats on the right.
When this thread ran through the VirtualBikers Tech Forum, it was suggested that temperature changes would be more significant, but that's hard to compensate for when honing.
I also used just another round plate on the top of my .090" over Chief. I ignored those headbolts on the right which are too far from the cylinder to be significant. Again, the headbolt distortions were negligable ...Cotten.
Oh, yeah, about just using blanchards: That's a common trick in performance auto shops when a proper plate isn't available.

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Thanks - I feel better! Hadn't gotten around to it yet, lesser priority now...

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