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distributor shaft length- where are ya filthy?

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Does anyone know the exact length of the shaft on a 46U distributor and the gear length. The mechanic builing my electronic ignition lives at the other end of the state I live in so I am trying to save him and me time and me money.
the shaft he has for me is too long and he needs the length to make the changes and I don't want my bike off the road for one minute. Sure as hell if I take the distributor out now it will never go back in the same.

Where are ya filthy?



Post Thu Dec 23, 1999 7:41 am
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Timer shaft 4.760 total length
3.975 length concealed by housing,spacer,and,gear
3.775 length under flange[shaft to housing] to center of gear pin
1.130 total length of gear and boss
.900 top of gear to center gear pin hole
.060 spacer between bottom of housing to top of gear [play with this for correct shaft endplay]
2.780 housing length
2.735 shaft length in housing
at .490 diameter
1.230 shaft length under spacer and gear at .310
I'll leave the drawing to you.

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I can't improve on Don.s answer. Just want to say: HI LINTZ!!!


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