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I'm tryin' to get back

Post Fri Dec 24, 1999 7:48 pm

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Location: oxford, NC USA
Hi every body,

Been having some problemas in my head as well as the physical ones. So sorry I've been out of it.

Want to wish everyone all the best of the season and the best of luck in all of your endevors.

I will try to come back.

Missed you guys,


Post Fri Dec 24, 1999 11:38 pm

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Glad to hear from ya filthy. Hope all well. Best to you and yours from me and mine. Enjoy the holiodays.

Post Sat Dec 25, 1999 10:31 am

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Hey Phil,
Happy to have you back on the track again.
Keep going and heads up.

Happy Holidays from me and the Staff


Post Sat Dec 25, 1999 3:20 pm

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Hey Phil : good to see you , Mely kalikimaka
keep your dobber up! Image

Post Sat Dec 25, 1999 6:55 pm

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Hi Phil glad that you are comming back to us
its great to have some one out there that not only loves his flat head rat but has much knowledge that is willing to share thanks just for being you
Flatrat Richatd

Post Sun Dec 26, 1999 2:13 am

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Keep it together, Filth, We've got too many questions for ya!.....Cotten

And Oh, cheese, I almost forgot,..MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!!

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