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Pretty much anything not covered by the topics above. Short lived production bikes or vehicles, Electrical, Tires, Paint, Brakes, etc. Use this for tech questions, and "Shoot the Bull" for general conversation, no tech.
Post Sun Mar 30, 2008 3:52 pm

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I'm in the process of doing a webpage on FLXI (FLXIBLE) sidecars....which will cover the history, FLXI info, patent, sidecar body ideas, racing tips, FAQ (frequently asked questions) and patterns for the DIYers and you can follow along while I build a commercial body etc. This basic webpage will be to help others understand and enjoy these GREAT sidecars of yesterday and all their possibilities...even for today's times. HOWEVER, my layout info will be based mostly on the 1920 thru 24 FULL FLXI model.....
I will be doing the web page as I go along, adding to it as each category presents itself. For all of you that are interested I hope to have it up soon. :D :lol: :) 8)
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Harley-Davidson with FLXI sidecar

Post Sun Mar 30, 2008 11:47 pm

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Very nice, I have been waiting for this. Keep us posted.


Post Sat Apr 19, 2008 3:47 pm

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Thank you for the inquiries, HOWEVER I need to clarify a few things...

This is an accumulation of the notes and information it has taken me 30 years to aquire. I'm sure there are people out there who know more than I do, but they are so hard to find. I've decided to share my notes so other people can enjoy and hopefully learn from each other and much more....

On the web page, I will show drawings of the 1918-19 model semi FLXIBLE chassis assembly and attachments. It will also cover 1920-21 model full FLXIBLE chassis assembly, springs and spring fittings, attachment fittings and combination brace assembly parts. It might also cover some ideas I have on a body design for myself (commercial) and a copy of the original FLXIBLE patent. I also have some original parts , pictures and drawings, notes and specs on the 1920-24 FLXIBLE sidecar frames (domestic and racing).

I always wanted to do my own commercial version of a FLXI sidecar setup using Harley-Davidson commercial leaf springs and some of there basic body designs maybe even a disc brake setup. So now I'm going to do my own patterns of what I'm interested in like different rear spring designs, using the original FLXIBLE style spring perch casting design.

I will also have a section on the Harley-Davidson commercial line that I have decided to incorporate into the FLXI and I will cover the original FLXI racing tips. A lot of these sidecars were used on Harleys, Ace, Reading Standard, Excelsior, Indian, Thor, Yale, Pope, Henderson, Cyclone and Flying Merkel to name a few. There is gentleman in Ohio that I gave my word to on a collaboration and we are into the details now... he is also a valuable resource on the early FLXI thing and he is into the vintage/classic stuff and into bodies, springs etc. I also just heard he has some early attachments; maybe by that time the details will be worked out between us.

I am going to have a pattern page for the do-it-yourself'ers which would cover the front spring plate, rear spring plates, and front spring mounting block cushion - and maybe even a redesign on: early and late style rear-body support bars.

My sidecar frames will consist of the 1920-24 frame castings with the 1922-24 side support castings and braces like the ones off of Lance Tidwell and John Camerons' JD's.

The attachments that I will be using are of my own design and will fit the 1936-57 Harley-Davidson Big Twin Frames. HOWEVER I'm interested in doing frames for myself ( domestic, commercial and racing).

The reason I am doing all this in sections is that I have run into many delays, depending on other people to follow thru. So now, I will follow along on sections as they occur , depending on delays that are beyond my control (parts, shipments, bad products, people promise to do things and never hold there word, and to people that tell you they'll call you back to do some work and never do, or those that don't answer emails). One thing after another. These kinds of happenings end up making ME look bad so I've decided to do the web page in sections...

My first webpage will be called FLYIN FLXIES which will be just the BASICS ...... HOWEVER, if your into MUSIC then check out Dana & Lana at the bottom of that page just press on (Manic Meyend) to learn more about them. Dana is the Rusty Drummer...PLEASE keep in mind. Dana does graphics ONLY when time permits. I hope Y'all will enjoy the webpage.
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Harley-Davidson with FLXI sidecar

Post Sat Nov 01, 2008 6:13 pm

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Hello Everyone, my NEW WEBSITE will be up in a few days SORRY for all the mistakes on my last webpage ....the new website Flxi sidecars... will be under construction most of its time for awhile...this ough to help answer your questions on info etc...I will do my own proof reading and then downloaded so check it out at ENJOY
Harley-Davidson with FLXI sidecar

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