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can 1.70 to 1 rockers be fabricated?

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Post Wed Feb 28, 2001 5:39 am

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You might want to call Baisley Hi-Performance Portland Oregon 503-289-1251

Post Wed Feb 28, 2001 6:24 am

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I rode a 900 Ironhead for years,in most every state of tune from stock to 5/8" stroker with 13.5/1 cr 1&15/16 intakes buttons in the 2 ring pistons ect. And I was wondering why you want to change the rocker ratios when there are plenty of cams aviable.
I found the best street performance with lots of stroke, heavy wheels, close to stock bore, mild cams (PB+),Large open pipes slightly longer than R pipes, 10.5/1 CR and XLR valves. It was much faster with the 13.5/1 cr,2 ring Dykes pistons milled for teflon buttons and fitted at .030" clearance, but the engine life was rather short.

Post Thu Mar 01, 2001 7:39 am

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Here's an idea. What about evo rockers, Cut them in half, shorten them, reset the angle, weld them back together, put new bushings in them and line ream them. 1.625:1 Depending on both different rockers' lengths, you might be able to a larger ratio by splicing evo to iron head rockers. Just a thought. I only got pan and shovel rockers sitting to look at.

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Post Mon Mar 05, 2001 5:37 am

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I've seen severall of these engines that were relieved and never saw or even heard of pinion shaft trouble. If that is what you want ( I never found the radical hi lift cams to do anything but make it sound Bad and be harder to ride a little extra stroke worked better for me) I think I'd go ahead and relieve it.

Post Tue Mar 06, 2001 4:31 am

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I hate to muck up this thread, but, rocker arm ratios are a function of the lever (rocker arm) pivot point distance from the valve, and from the pushrod, yes?

So what gives? are you proposing to shorten the pushrod side of the rocker arm?
(I'm assuming that the pivot point can't be moved).

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Post Tue Mar 06, 2001 5:19 am
Screw it all and GO KNUCKSTER! Fatdog.

Post Tue Mar 06, 2001 11:49 am

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Speaking of Knuckster, I have a serious jones for one of those street killers. We have not heard a word about developmental progress in a year or so. Can we expect to see a Flathead Power Knuckster or will the faithful be on our own?

Smoke 'em till the wheels fall off!

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