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flathead world

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Post Sun Dec 24, 2000 10:06 pm

flathead world

Some people have expressed concen about having a lot of hoops to jump through to get a message posted on flathead world. I tried it out, for the first time a minute ago, and it seems like once you join the group all you have to do is click on the message board and post your topic.
Never the less, when it comes to patientce, I got less than most, as evidenced in my collection of large hammers.
I started Flathead World as a place for people to post pics of their scooters, as still others sniveled about difficulties in posting pics elsewhere. Just because it's (Flathead World) got all this other bull-shit with it don't mean you gotta use it.
Those of you comfortable with using the message board on Flathead World my continue doing so. Personally, I use the Flathead Power Tech Talk, because of the large number of people all ready using it and it's super data base.
Thanks to all who have joined and the best to ya in the new year.

Tom Roop

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Post Tue Dec 26, 2000 2:55 am

I agree with Sparky, This forum is and has been my choice for posting Tech questions & answers,and Flathead World the easiest & best for posting photos because I still cannot figure out how to post a photo on FHP....

Happy Holidaze to all!

Tom (00)



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Post Tue Dec 26, 2000 7:23 am

Aw, Sparky,.. I wuz the only one who bitched.
Besides my crappy ISP that is real slow (and for some reason REAL slow on your site), I must confess to a short attention span.

I tried a post just a few minutes ago, and I got shut off with an "illegal operation" window while I went for a beer waiting for the page to open. When I finally got through, I found I couldn't right click to copy a a question from my notepad to it.

I can keep my tech questions over here if that's most appropriate, but forgive me if I keep trying to participate anyway!


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Post Wed Dec 27, 2000 1:00 am

No, you're not the only one to bitch. I imagine there is quite alot of eyebrow action going on by most who attempt to log on. Since I went to total 32bit, things have speeded up.I don't like the slow loading sucker myself. But, that's microcrap for you.
Keep warm,

One more thing- with the illegal op stuff, I find that not only scan disk and defrag at regular intervals, but theres a little utility avalible at the microsoft download center, (assuming your OS is windows), thats called regclean that cleans up and fixes problems with your regristery. It's FREE

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