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Need VL tranny help!

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Post Sun Dec 26, 1999 10:11 pm

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VL's are flattys, too! Anyway,I am attempting to assemble my first VL transmission, and have found it's
simplicity quite confusing. I learned from Rat at Harbor Vintage that the
oil is maintained by filling the sprocket main bearing with heavy grease to
'seal' it in. The zirque tube is obvious, yet I find no comparible means of
repacking the starter-side ball bearing. Any clues?
It also astounds me that the sprocket drive gear endplay is thrust upon the
mainshaft itself on the right, and upon the fragile copper seal on the left.
What am I overlooking? Are both mainshaft and drive gear endplays determined
only by how much you preload the ball bearing on the right? ....Cotten

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