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headlite socket

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Post Fri Dec 03, 1999 12:33 am

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Anybody have any ideas why the ground side of the socket on my halogen headlite would get hot enough to melt the plastic around the pin on the bulb?
Lose ground wire? not grounded good enough?

Post Fri Dec 03, 1999 3:19 am

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Dotman I am having a simular problem with
mine on my softail. Ill call you tomorrow.


Post Fri Dec 03, 1999 4:05 am
don User avatar

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halogen lamps burn hot, almost twice the watts of its incandescant brother.
try to find a socket made of ceramic or other high temp material.
I think a loose connection would show itself, either the lamp would vary in intensity or burning arc mark would be present at the bad connection.

Post Fri Dec 03, 1999 5:00 am

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Hate to admit it but this is on my 89 flhtcu
butthead which has everything but the old ladies washer and dryer plugged onto it. course the lites are on as soon as the switch is on the head lamp is surronded by the fairing bucket.
the grnd plug side of the socket looks to have just gotten real hot only at the pin but the wire covering isnt melted thats why i wondered if anyone else had experianced such, my 82 fxr has the sportster type headlite bucket which is a regular type bulb.
dont beat on me because of the blockhead, i did come by the beasty in an honest fashion since its previous owner was a relative and had it since almost day 1 so i know its history.

Post Wed Dec 08, 1999 7:24 pm

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Wire my be to small for the amps you are runing

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