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can I get some cheeze with this whine?

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Post Sat Nov 13, 1999 9:20 pm

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Hey group! I just rebuilt my '57 pan and I put a "B" grind cam and an automatic advance distributor into the mix.A machinist friend of mine added a few shims to correct the all too loose endplay and now my bottom end is whining worse than my girlfriend.what up? too tight?Guess with me as I attempt to rectumfy dis mess.
thx , Panman

Post Sun Nov 14, 1999 4:16 am

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Can we at least suppose that it is not really your 'lower end' that is now making noise, but just your cam chest, since that is all that has been changed?
For some reason, everyone wastes money and buys a cam with a gear on it, instead of using the one they have, that fits! (Stock gears press on to Sifton and other makes of aftermarket cams, and they will sell it economically 'as is', but Andrews insists on gougeing that extra bit to sell the gear , too. And they are damn "cheesy" profiles to tune for, also.
Can you press your original gear on your new cam?...Cotten

Post Mon Nov 15, 1999 3:53 am
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You might want to read this page;

Post Tue Nov 16, 1999 2:27 am

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seems as if andrews has had some experiance with whiners Image

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