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thermal spray coatings

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Post Fri Nov 05, 1999 8:06 pm
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I have a set of cylinders that was poorly preped then flame sprayed, [bubbled and peeling], I am giving thought to some of the newer processes, if not to protect surfaces, then to build up and preserve thin fins.
Anyone with thoughts or experiance here?
Currently looking at and

Post Fri Nov 05, 1999 8:48 pm

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newer barrels like on evos take that coating stuff well.
but think its better to blast outsides of cast and then use either 800 or 1200 degree bar b que black or good ol stove black after degreaseing.
might be some different opinions but thas mine

Post Sat Nov 06, 1999 1:03 am

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Be careful with the type of coating you use. Depending upon the ambient temperatures of where you live, the coating can act as a thermal insulator, tending to make the motor run hotter than it should. There are thermal coatings about for exhaust systems based on aerospace technology but I'm not sure about thermal insulation factors. I've seen powder coated barrels ~ looks nice, but not a good idea if the scoot is used for real. Vince

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