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Bendix carb - need jets!

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Post Mon Oct 11, 1999 7:47 pm

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Does anyone have some old main jets laying around for a Bendix carb? My '68 FLH is running rich with the stock .110 jet (part number ends with -22). I really need a .100 or a .105 (I think -20 or -21). I can't afford to buy the brand new ones 'cuz they're $25 each! I could give you a few bucks for a decent one plus shipping...
Thanks -

Post Wed Oct 20, 1999 2:37 pm

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Hi again,

Are you sure it's the jet? Has this carb ever had a re-build? You might have to do the whole thing.

In any case, replace the main jet with an adjustable main kit. I forgot the price, but they're worth it. Installation is fast and easy.

$25 sounds like an HD shop price. You can do better from aftermarket.

If your engine is stock, don't let anyone talk you into changing cards. The Bendix is best for an un-midified, 74" mill. The hi-$$$ S&S E Model will work, but no better than the Bendix.




Post Mon Oct 25, 1999 10:41 pm

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Thanks, Steve and Filthy - J&P does have a good price for Bendix jets. I looked it up in V-Twin - they are sometimes sky-high (like this time).
I have another Bendix that a friend of mine gave me that looks brand-new. I will either try some smaller mainjets or the adjustable one in that carb. Adjustables make me a little nervous - you can cook your motor real fast with those! I guess the flattie guys don't worry about just learn how to use it. Might be handy around here (Lyons, Colorado) with all the mountains and shit we've got here...
Denny '69 FLH

Post Mon Oct 25, 1999 11:06 pm

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You prob. want to run a tad richer at that altitude then the flatlanders do. and give it some marvel mystery oil every so often, cap or two in a tank full gas especially if y'all are getting cornsquizzens in the mix

Post Thu Oct 28, 1999 3:58 pm

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Reply to Dotman: No, we need to run LEANER up here at high altitude! There is less air, so we need to compensate by giving it less gas in the mix. Unfortunately, that means less horsepower too!
Steve and Filthy: I will try to find the adjustable mainjet kit and put that in...sounds like the best overall solution.
Any ideas where to get one cheapest?

Post Thu Oct 28, 1999 4:38 pm

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Hey Denny leaner. Coming from sea level to 2500 ft gets me screwed up and at a mile I would just pass out. Still use the top end lube just to keep the metal flopping around.
The adjustable jet ya can get from foghollow in saint lewie as a kit (they advertise in most of the rags and have an 800 number) they use to be known as hoghollow or there is a good shop (not the HD dealer) in denver. Or mayhaps benwa could hep out.
in one of the ez riders tech manuels they have a good description of carving on a bendix for better fuel flow and enrichment if you can get your hands on those, seems as if it was vol 1 or 2 later vols deal with mostly blkhd stuff

Post Fri Oct 29, 1999 10:55 pm

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Steve, the Bendix that's on my bike now has the idle tube that screws out. The nice shiny almost-new one that my friend gave me (that I want to use) is the later one, with the plug in the idle tube hole. I'll try to find what the tap size is supposed to be - I'm sure one of my knuckle-dragging Harley-riding friends has it...

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