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32E Generator Shunt Coil Identification Help Needed

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See Photo...Which field coil is the Shunt field coil ? End cover [left] with brush holders is placed as it would be installed onto frame [right]. Orange and white paint marks, which service manual notes for identifying field coils, are missing so I cannot use the paint marks to identify the field coils. Note the wires of the field coils. The field coil wires nearest the generator identification tag are spread apart. The opposite field coil wires exit the field coil windings close together. Does the difference between where the field coil wires exit the field coil windings identify whether the field coil is a Shunt or a Regulating field coil ? Thanks, Pa

P.S. If you click on the photo, it will enlarge.
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The Shunt (white) coil is farthest away from the terminal posts,with the wires close together.
All the aftermarket coils I've seen have the wires apart on both coils,you have to bind the shunt wires together to stop them fouling.

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