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P4 Gas ??? Or Worse ???

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Post Tue Aug 04, 2009 9:05 am
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Went to the gas station this morning to fill up my Harley with what use to be premium. Took off for an all day ride. Got 5 miles down road when my bike started acting up bad. It was shutting down, stalling ,missing, back firing, and would not idle at all, so i turned around, got it on a back road, and nursed it home. I jumped in my pick up and went to the gas station in ********, where i bought the gas. I checked the pump and it said flex-fuel 85% ethanol. When i ask the attendant, actually the owner of ********, he said that they are doing away with premium and going to this flex-fuel. Let me tell you this ! DO-NOT put this in your motorcycle !!! I spent all morning getting it out of my fuel tank. I then talked to the Harley shop were my bike is headed next, for a good going over. I put about 15 miles on the bike with that fuel. It turned my exhaust pipes blue about 8 inches from my heads, so be real careful and read when fueling any thing ! I was told will make a regular car run bad. Only certain vehicle's can use flex -fuel. The gas stations who sell it have the brochures on it. You can also find it on line at I also did a flex-fuel search. It brought up lot of info. From what i found, ********, is the only station, at present, caring it with in 25 miles of my house. Just my luck to get gas there.

Post Wed Aug 05, 2009 4:12 pm

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Because E85 is 85% ethyl alcohol and 15% gas, it requires a completely different ratio of air:fuel than gas. It can only be used in flex-fuel vehicles or those specifically jetted for E85. Regardless of whether an engine is fed by fuel injection or carburetion, when running gas the system delivers an air:fuel ratio of ~13:1. E-85 requires a much richer air:fuel ratio of ~ 9:1, so substituting E85 for gas, in an engine tuned for gas, will result in an extraordinarly lean condition, which runs extremely hot, hence the reported bluing of the pipes. Flex fuel vehicles are fuel-injected and have on-board diagnostics/sensors/feedback to correct the air:fuel ratio in real time to feed E-85, gas, or any blend thereof at the proper air:fuel ratio. Hope the guy didn’t fry his engine on it.

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