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Glide wheel rims

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Post Tue Jul 07, 2009 7:48 am

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When did the factory go over to welded ones as against one-piece pressings?

Question prompted by this......


Not mine, but one of our club members. 2003 Road King with 58,000 miles on the clock, reegularly maintained and the owner's an ex-fireman so a pretty responsible type of guy.

Common consensus is that it has cracked across the weld, which prompts the question; were they always like this or is this a modern thing which (obviously) is cheaper to produce? I should add that there have been several recent instances of this sort of thing happening, two of them with members of our club.

I've never known a Shovel or Pan rim to go like this, but if you guys know any different I'd like to hear from you. Here's a link to the whole thread on our site so you can get some background.....
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