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I have several bikes that do not get ridden that much, but I do like to fire them up on occasion. I noticed the other day that the NEW gas is sucking moisture into the tanks and causing some rust in the bottom. Some of these tanks are Very expensive and I do not want them to rot out. I am thinking about pouring Ospho into them overnight then draining it out and filling the tanks with Kerosene. Then when I want to ride one I can drain the Kero out fill with gas and ride. Then after the ride I will shut the petcock and run out of gas, drain the tank and pour the Kero back in. What do you think. Is the Ospho a good idea? Some of these tanks are Lead soldered. I do not think the Ospho will harm them?!?! I know it does not need to be neutralized like Muratic Acid. Opinions? Thanks.


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I read that JKE from knucklenutz did the OSPHO on a set of tanks & it bubbled up & needed cleaned out.. That was a few yrs ago.. So I'm pretty sure that's what he said..

Why don't ya just coat em with Por15 & be done with the headaches & hassles ??

http://www.por15.com/Fuel-System-Restor ... oducts/12/

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