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1927 JD Which is the correct carburetor

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Post Fri Sep 12, 2008 2:55 pm

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All the books show a DLX38 as being a 1927 only carburetor. I have a DLX38 and it has four screw flanges for bolting on a carb cover. The parts book shows this cover. Yet the factory photos I find of 1927's show the earlier type carb with the choke venturi.

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That's certainly an "H" model (the airhorn is a spring-loaded valve; there was no choke mechanism, nor a venturi), which is certainly a curiosity since DLXs are listed back to '21 for the 74" H-Ds. And back to '15 for '61s.
However, I occasionally get requests to cut the 'horseshoe' 1 1/4" H float from J owners.
It wouldn't surprise me if commercial machines were often equipped with them.

Ironically, Indian models of the same vintages, such as the PowerPlus/Big Chief, are also often listed to have DLX carbs, yet many of those also are found with the large H installed. Deluxes may have been a preferred option.

There can be little doubt that you will find the DLX much easier to recondition and tune, and a much better performer as well. Most importantly, it has a bottom support!

Are you sure your DLX38 doesn't only have two airhorn screws instead of four?
The flange would be 'scalloped' instead of flat to allow air to enter.


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