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carb on 1931 hep 302 chief

Post Thu Mar 20, 2003 8:38 am

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No!the M88 is a H-D II-W.W.carb.

Post Thu Mar 20, 2003 2:20 pm

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"Horrible", Steve?
No wonder that I'm in a bad mood at the end of a day!

Nearly all replacement hardware for the potmetal 1 1/4" Scheblers is now being reproduced.

Even brass thread repairs for bowlstem damage, and oversize throttleplate/venturi kits for repairing worn and distorted body bores.

At this time, however, no one is making float valves and levers, bowl covers, or the later knob knurls up through '40. (Linkert needles will service, of course.)

If these should become available, somebody please alert me!

Post Fri Mar 21, 2003 1:41 pm

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I've got a TIG man who can weld potmetal on 'most' bodies (some are so high in zinc, they explode.) Then carving ears back to shape is my job.

The Threadfix for bowlstems in an insert/excert that is installed after shaving the old threads with a piloted Manley valveguide cutter. It is is removeable for nozzle service, and won't turn to cheese like potmetal.

And I guess that means there are four different floatvalves,.... at least! The early 'glandnut'levers and valveneedles that will work in "shortbowls" are available from , but longbowl levers are still a dream.
'Script' knobs, are in the works as well,.. more or less....

I'll have a customer post you about a potmetal shortbowl, thanks!

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