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Electronic Chief II

Post Thu Jan 02, 2003 8:49 pm

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The guy that wrote that used an electronic "point replacement". I'm going for a full function electronic ignition. If it won't advance on it's own and use a VOES to aid in detonation control it isn't worth the switch to me. I picked up some bearings a little while ago, and if I get any time at all, I should have this roughed out tonight. I'll go get my victim....err..test subject when the snow melts......I'll post pictures soon..jb

Post Fri Jan 03, 2003 2:31 am

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The one that he built from a VW distributor was the Crane HI4 and as long as it was set to duel fire it worked normal. But when set to single fire it wouldnt advance one cylinder.Probably just need to swap the pickups (or the wires to the pickups)as the code seems to clear its accumulator for the next pair of events after the sensor that is normaly last fires.

Post Fri Jan 03, 2003 7:25 am

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Dusty, he used either the `84 up street system or the dual fire system on the VW distributor. The race unit has three trimpots, the third being for rear cylinder timing, his did not have this. I don't know if that affected the performance of it or not, but the unit he used was not the preferred one.

I'm still trying to find a bearing /shaft diameter combination. I have the body of the distributor profiled, and hollowd out, but can't do anything unless I can find a bearing thats workable. I looked at the distributor that Rick Abbot has on VI and it appears to have a smaller than stock shaft. I have ordered some more bearings with .375 ID, and if they will work with the od of the distributor, I'll try and have a shaft done by tomorrow. If I have to run bushings, I will have to get a shaft ground and heat treated, that will be more expensive than bearings.

All in all it's coming along....I'm fitting it on my chief and my customer is going to let me finish the trial on his. Hope this works.......have a nice paperweight if not.......jb

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