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Updraft Marvel for an upside-down 4 questions

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Can anyone tell me what the proper finishes are for a '36 Marvel carb are?

Was it all painted black, bothe cast iron bottom as well as the potmetal top? Was any of the small hardware plated?

(Meanwhile, I'm making Durable floats for them. I expect the market to be overwhelming. Maybe I'll make two.)

Post Sun Nov 24, 2002 4:55 am

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Acording to Hatfields Restoration Guide early 36s were unpainted top and bottom and some where later in the year they were painted allover the air horn was made by Indian so that when they were switched to painted there were bikes with painted carbs and unpainted air horns and visaversa. And there is no documentation as to when the changes were made. Even the old black and white factory photos all show different combinations. It looks like the majority had plated throttle stuff and needles with the choke arm painted. Want me to send you a scan and you can guess your self?
Dusty Dave

Post Sun Nov 24, 2002 5:51 pm

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It seems improbable to me that the castiron would ever have been bare. And potmetal doesn't handle the atmoshere very well in the long run either.

None of the original paints survived gas for long anyway, from what I gather.

I'll just rattle the owner's cage again and make him make a decision. And ask if it's 'early' or 'late'.

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