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Post Tue Oct 01, 2002 2:24 am

Just a guess:
pilot - OK.
slide - way too rich, I would try 3.0.
needle - right length, wrong taper, you need 2 letters - 6DH2, 3 or 4..
needle jet - type 480 is not correct for 34mm (it fits OK but does not meter well), type is 159. O6 is too lean, you need something in the "P" numbers.
main jet - too small, try 250.
air jet? Need 1.0 or so.
float valve - should be bigger, 3.3, but may be OK.
What did this come from?

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Post Tue Oct 01, 2002 5:43 pm

Depends - what did you pay for it, and what condition is it in?

Post Wed Oct 02, 2002 1:39 pm

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