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The Schebler DLX 10, 1925

Post Sat Mar 16, 2002 2:02 am

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Anybody got one of these? What`s up with part# DL 40 ? It`s called "air bleed dust cap" and goes over a tiny hole in the passage next to the LS needle shaft. Is this supposed to block the hole?

Any early Scout folks around here?



Post Wed Mar 20, 2002 12:59 am

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I saw your earlier post about air bleeds.

"Greg" sent this to me:

"Some Scheblers have an air bleed hole on the side. These would be matched to
a venturi with no slot.

Some Scheblers have no air bleed hole. These need the venturi with a small
slot milled in them.

The purpose of this is to provide air for the idle circuit (I think). So,
before you plug the hole check out your venturi."

Seems right, what do you think? My old DLX-10 has both , so I ran a 2/56 plug tap into the hole, kissed with a c-sink and blocked the hole with a regular flathead, v-bottom screw.

We`ll see how it works, but I am still messing with the magneto.


Post Wed Mar 20, 2002 4:30 am

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I'm lost on our terminology, mostly probably because of my lack of knowledge on this vintage..

I'm in the middle of a Scheb for '25 Prince, but it is a regular "H" model, as best I can tell from the literature that I have.

The quotes you posted apply to later DLX models. The H doesn't even have a venturi!
(It looks like toilet plumbing.)

I'll have to get out my book (pitiful little pamphlet) and see what the DL40 part number refers to.

Please post me direct ( with your motor model, photos, or anything else that would give me a clue, and then we can make a foolish guess.

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